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Dr. Rivka
26 October
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
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  • rivka@livejournal.com
Elmira Free Academy - Elmira NY (1986 - 1990)
Reed College - Portland OR (1990 - 1994)
University of Iowa - Iowa City IA (1995 - 2000)
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alt.polyamory, amplectere potestem "et", avoiding drama, baltimore, barack obama, baseball, behavioral medicine, books, breathing, buffy the vampire slayer, civil liberties, clinical psychology, cooking, counted cross stitch, dark chocolate, dean for america, disabilities, disability rights, dogs, dorothy dunnett, dorothy sayers, eighteenth century clothing, emma bull, english country dance, fantasy of manners, feminism, food, garlic and rosemary fries, georgette heyer, gossip, graduate school, great big sea, health psychology, hiking, hiv issues, hiv prevention, home education, homeschooling, howard dean, ice cream, irish wolfhounds, irony, jane austen, jo walton, kage baker, kayaking, kids, liberal christianity, live journal, logic, lois mcmaster bujold, mount vernon, my church, my house, natural history, needlework, netflix, nih grants, old houses, our whole lives, pamela dean, parenting, peanut butter cups, plays, politics, polyamory, pregnancy, procrastination, psychology, rasff, rasseff, rationality, reading, reed college, religious education, reproductive freedom, reproductive rights, research, science fiction, science fiction conventions, seafood, singing, single malts, social justice, soft barking, steven brust, sushi, suusi, target shooting, tea, the cuteness of jae, the turningverse, the west wing, travel, unitarian universalism, unschooling, urban fantasy, urban living, usenet, wine
The story of Rivka is filled with secrets, hints, and examples of proper behavior.

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